Many recent European Capitals of Culture have used this as an opportunity to find new identity after the industrial era, to regenerate local economy through arts and culture. The process of candidacy and preparation creates an opportunity to rethink the development and regeneration of the region not just for the year of the title but for a whole decade.

Goals in Estonia

  • creating new opportunities for the local communities - new jobs in arts, tourism and services
  • encouraging entrepreneurship
  • enriching local cultural life
  • turn Narva into the most popular tourism destination of Estonians
  • cohesion and integration of the multilingual and multi-cultural community behind one common goal

International goals

  • creating a positive news feed about the strengths, opportunities and uniqueness of Narva
  • Narva will become an attractive international tourism destination
  • international cooperation projects with partners in Europe and Russia
  • international highlight events in Narva